Hello, my name is Samuel BERTIN a.k.a L’Oncle Sam and I do audio engineering as well as some film related activities. I’m also lyricist and composer and really enjoy to mix up my technologic skills with my creative ones.

I personally think that most of our problems are caused by a lack of communication.
Even thought we’re able to connect with the rest of the world more and more instantly, we still often provide informations poorly and unclearly. Even a simple one on one conversation can be mis-interpretated.

Even thought, there is still to me a pure way to transmit any message either it could be emotional, political or personal. And It’s called music. A simple record sometimes hit millions of human being.
But if music is the best way to deliver a message, audio engineering is the key to shape this music properly.

That’s where I’m acting.

I’ve first started to work on my own music and got really interested into the technical aspect of the music industry. The more I gain experience, the more I can see new doors opening and new opportunities.

Now I’m working with different client types and always discuss with them what they really aim for before starting any propositions.

I’m capable to record, mix and master any sound related project. I’ve also decided to add a professional-like visual content to my audio and working on different ways to get the message stronger and more inclusive.



sketch 7


Sound Engineer, Composer, Arranger, Lyricist.

Nouvelle Calédonie : LYRICS; MCing
Rasta Vin’s : Mixing
Black Kimbo : Mastering
Prod: The Alchemist

CHAVI – L’ABSCENE: Recording and Mixing engineer
Mastering : DJSE



Director; Camera Operator; Editing.

GOING BANG – Camera Operator; director, mixing engineer.
Pryam Richard : Editing

Chavi – L’Abscene : Director, Editing, Camera Operator, Lighting engineer, recording and mixing engineer , artwork designer.



Artwork Design:

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Urban Photography mostly.

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