This unit, in class, we’ve been given the opportunity to record in a professional studio. We used SoundPark Studios facilities and equipment to record a Jazz Trio formed by a Grand Piano; an Upright Bass as well as the unskippable drummer. The final result is great and we operated as a group to achieve our best work.

But before every recording, you first need something to record. We had to source the band and organize the session. I tried sourcing mine throughout social media and ended up finding the Jazz Trio which got back to me pretty efficiently thanks again to social medias. It was a good experience as I learn to get in touch with other members of our industry, especially in a foreign country.

After sourcing the band, pre-production was the next logical step. We sourced our musician needs and matched them according to what we had available in the studios. We also looked for micing techniques as well as other recording techniques. We also decided to study a bit about the tape. Another thing was to plan the number of channels we would use, what mic on each channel, and match it to tools before coming in the studio. Pre-production gave us an advantage and some confidence to handle the session efficiently.

The actual recording was a lot of fun. We got in an hour before the musicians so we could start to get some leads out and mics placed, we also had a bit of trouble figuring out the exact signal flow as some channels were bumped be we came to a solution without having musicians to worry about it. We recorded every take straight to pro tools and to tape and recorded back the tape takes onto pro tools. It gave us a lot to work with and also a choice of “color” for our sound. I think that musicians were pretty happy to record into this room so I’m glad I could find them. I wouldn’t like it if they were disappointed with anything.

Finally, we all went back home with the session so we could mix it individually. I really enjoyed mixing jazz and I had to watch hours of tutorials to get it right but it feels really pleasant and “mature” to mix such a delicate gender.
I went for a live type of sound and tried to enforce on some of the rooms aspects without getting to spacy. I could have used autotune on the bass but couldn’t get hold of the plugin in time. In the end, I think I’m quite happy with it especially after mastering.

I also enjoyed to developed some of my professional skills with this module. Sourcing the band and maintaining a good communication with them is something I really wanted to practice and this made it possible.  It is exhausting to deal with every aspect of production and I understand why big productions always involve a lot of people.
I think I achieve good job communicating wth the band but I really want to improve on that. I feel like that you can make someone feel really comfortable about what you’re doing and that sometimes I didn’t have enough confidence in what I was doing to act a successful producer.

Challenge is always part of a development and this module had been the perfect medium for it. I’ve learned a lot about differents aspects of our job and I’m interested in repeating the exercise by myself to get a better grasp on what I”m doing. It showed me that you develop yourself a lot in odd contexts.

Finally, I loved having to deal with a new environment. I think that music would be boring if it had to be resumed to a single room, a single console and a single way to do things. We have a multiple of techniques and a palette of differents sounds to chose from within our music and dealing with new things is something I tend to enjoy a lot. I don’t get too stressed by having to deal with new gear and at the opposite, I’m more curious to hear what it does and how it sounds like. We could have spent hours experimenting for sound n this studio but we also had to make the time available to record so it’s pointing out anther interesting part of the industry: session management. It’s awesome that we can go crazy with this stuff but also important to remember what is exactly achieved and what’s the best way to do it.




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