This final post is a critical reflection on this trimester’s audio unit and the work we achieved in it. It will break down according to the different assignments we’ve been
submitting as well as some other freelance projects I’ve participated in.

The main part of this unit was the podcast.
I have to say that I can’t be disappointed about our final result, I’m fairly happy with it to be honest. The all project idea was to work as a team over a 12  weeks period and we managed to meet the requirements which would be a success in a professional environment. We dealt with the issues we faced during the recording stage and came thought with a professionally acceptable product.
The only ‘regret’ I have on this unit is that I’ve stayed back of participating in the narrative as English isn’t my first language. But I assume at the same time it could be a good decision as I could have make mistakes and slow the process while an over team member could have done it more accurately.
I was in charge of mixing the edited product and aimed towards a radio-like sound with a lot of de-essed high end and levelled lows and mids.

An other unit I wanted to reflect on was the music production unit.

I really dig the production aspect of the industry, even thought it s too often associated with money, an artistic production aspect is always a lot of fun. I feel like there is too many aspects that are uncovered by the sound engineer and so much miscommunication
between musicians and their industry relatives. Producing / managing / directing an artist offers enormous opportunities to both parties and I can imagine so many ways to help an artist reaching his artistic goals by leading in his songwriting, sound design and also his attitude. My first client is myself and I really feel like reaching a record as a whole now, I had a lot of reflections about this before the unit and had confirmations during the practice. I took major decisions on the product and they are part of the ones that contributed in the final product success. Whereas the ones that I had a bad feeling about ended up clashing with some of the other elements in the song.
Once again, it is harder as a group and I start to understand that we just can’t control it.


Regarding the other elective units that was just loads of fun and moments I really enjoyed. It is always good to stand back a bit from the studios and get on something LIVE !

Finally I have been participating in multiple freelance projects this unit.

I have been asked to compose beats for the third volume of New Caledonian rap/reggea compilation. It is almost finish and tried to produce different styles to get different feels out of the artists. Here is an extract of one of the tracks on the last compilation :


I am also mixing the second episode of the EP Chavi L’Abscene by the artists Chavi and Koyo. The last episode has been nominated to multiple rewards this end of the year and proudly represent the coulours of a modernised music in new caledonia which is quite uncommon against the rather lively and dancing rhythm of island music and religious based music. I have worked with David LeRoy which is one of the top engineers for French and New Caledonian Television music. I am impatient to realease this new project.
here’s an extract of the last EP.


I have finally also worked in a lot of different photographic and videographic projects to explore my art further.

I’m really tired of this all unit and I hope my teams and my teacher will appreciate my work and demonstrate their encouragement for the future units.


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