This is the last week of this trimester and I’m going to discuss about the Music Production assignment. So we’ve been given a demo and we needed to transform it into a record.

We’ve been assigned to the same group we worked in Live Sound Assignment and a pretty similar group to the Sound A Like one so we kind of knew everyone strengths and weakness. We all agreed on the material we anted to work with and that simplified the job a lot.

Trinksy was in charge of showing us the new studio (Neve Genesis Console) and led us through our recordings and planning for the track. He wasn’t in charge thought, we had to make our own decision and commit to them.

I was assigned a lot of the digital audio content. I feel like digital elements are really important nowadays in popular music. The audience is used to it and I tried to reproduce some of the sonorities I hear from times to times on radio. I also worked a lot against our reference tracks so everyone could have a fell of where I was going with my ideas.

The biggest challenge in this assignment was once again the session and time management. It is really intricate to work as team and for every one to meet the same deadlines. But I like challenges and I feel like we managed to get close enough to what we wanted. We bounced several final mixes in real time by moving individual faders along the recording (old school automation baby!)

I’ve finally decided to master the track at home for my future demo purposes like a portfolio for example.

I’d like to shout out Trinsky for his precious advises and the effort he decide to put in the process.

Hope you’ll enjoy the demo.


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