This week’s blog is going to reflect on our Live Sound assignment.

We’ve been asked to find a couple of acts to perform on the School Sound Stage.

We were assigned groups and then each groups divided into different roles.

After being formed by Tim Dalton several weeks, I’ve been assigned to the task of ‘Gig Producer/Gig supervisor’. My role was basically to make everything was going alright and that every one was sticking to their tasks. The team work went particularly well and we overcame the issues we encountered.

Oliver Young opened the act with a vocal/electric guitar set up. Everything went well until we did not realise not the pics we used for his cab pick up was missing. The information did not went through the team and no one seemed really are why it moved. But it has been noticed pretty fast and unfortunately changed by Tim and not one of our team members.

Polykyte was the main act and it was just sensational. They are a pretty young band that might need a bit more confidence in doing what they do but they totally rock their instruments and gave us a easy-mix performance. I really think of contacting some of the members for future recording projects.

I’m pretty happy with the team I’ve ‘supervised’ and I think we all did a good job in the end.

A great experience.


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