This week’s bog I’ve decided to write about our Podcast Assignment. We’ve been asked to develop  a 20 minutes podcast around the theme that we wanted to cover. We decided to recall the importance of one of the (if not the)  most symbolic venue in Melbourne : The Tote.

I’m not going to reflect on our work. I have something a bit different in mind.

As I’ve worked  2 years on a daily basis on my own radio show in New Caledonia, I’ve found interesting to compare the job of a podcaster against the job of a broadcaster.

The first and maybe only technical difference is the liveliness of the event. A podcast can be recorded during more than a year if need be, a radio show is generally ‘broadcasted’ // transmitted live.

As an engineer, I figured out that a Live set up has to be way more complex to achieve an equal quality sound as a podcast.  The opportunity that editing offers to a podcast are infinite and only relates to the engineer choices over time, in live sound, it is all about compromise.

As a broadcaster, I feel like broadcast also offers a lot of bonuses. Even thought we can do more mistakes, the audience is fairly sensible to them. For example, a podcast mistake (wrong music, back speech) is way less acceptable on a professional standard.
We also gain the opportunity to exchange live with the audience when we run the show in direct which offers proximity and direct feedback.
Lastly, I’ve got to admit that some show programs are intermitted by short podcasts recorded in advance.

As  an apprentice podcaster, I recognise the potential of such a tool in order to diffuse a message, an idea, or a feeling. I think it is a hard job as you would also need to compromise  to meet the ‘real-industry’ time deadlines.


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