Live sound. Live music.

We got involved as a group on the Live Sound Assignment this trimester. I’ve got to admit I got pretty exited and looking forward completing this unit. I’ve started working in the Live industry at the age of 17 with a company called ADP. All the gigs we get in new caledonia are pretty small and only Oceania gets the opportunity to stage the biggest names. The economical situation is based on big monopoles and only two people are really capable to allow a sufficient budget for an International standards scene.

So most of the times I’ve started on small stages and the joy of mixing local bands. Kaneka is a music played by native people of new caledonia and loads of bands are touring the country to play for their cousins or siblings (yeah yeah…)
The thing is that Kaneka is not the most dynamic music and tends to be pretty repetitive as it comes from a religious background. It is actually really shitty to my ears and only one dude moved me in my entire career.

But anyway I got to meet people and kind of expended my range of contacts in the new caledonian industry, It really helped me getting new performers to come play on my radio show that I was animating at the same period.

I decided to move to Melbourne to meet the real Live Sound Industry and the infinite piles of cables that are going with it. I really want to have the opportunity to participate in some big stages here as it is the main reason I came here.
I’m looking forward St Kilda Festival and maybe a first opportunity in the Melbourne Scene.


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