So I’ve been busy these past weeks. I just had the opportunity to work again with Chavi and Koyo.

Chavi is a New Caledonian artists that has been performing around the reggae music and rap scene but also expands his range through variety.
Koyo is a New Caledonian electronic music producer and has a good name in the modern era of ‘future music’ and ‘bounce music’.

Together they elaborated a first EP (5titles) that I had the chance to mix and record. The all process was pretty ‘ghetto’ with only a 2i2 interface and a cheap microphone. But with a good common effort, we managed to release something totally acceptable by commercial standards and supported by the local community.

So here we are again for a new chapter of this collaboration. This time I decided to send Chavi to record in a more controlled environment. His vocals were recorded on a SM 7b with a fairly clean Signal to Noise ratio.I have started editing and will start mixing once I receive independent stems from Koyo.

Other producers play a part in this EP as Koyo didn’t have much time to spend on this particular project. I’m fairly confident mixing it and we will probably hear a big improvement in between the two EP qualities.

I’m happy as I tend to get more and more work as a Freelance engineer.

Here’s a music video I’ve directed for the first EP release. The mastering was done independently and I got to say that the dude totally ruined my mix. But this is not the question here :p I also want to notice that the EP was released incognito and no promotion or distribution has been made, I encouraged my artist to do it more than once but he maybe got lazy (he’s also getting married and becoming a dad that can explain why)



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