One step at the time.

I’m 21. It’s quite young and I still feel fierce of my hormones from my teenage that pushes me to do stupid things. I often tend to be wanting everything at the same time. Knowledge, sounds, gear, artists, contracts, place, jobs, money, friends, hobbies, love etc… ALL OF IT, at the same time.
It is quite difficult if not impossible for our brain to process all this information and make us think rationally in the end. It needs to happen, GRADUALLY.

I know that because I know that I know more than 2 years ago. And 2 years ago I knew more than I did 4 years ago right ? and so on …

Taking life one step at the time is maybe the most useful piece of advice I had from my mom. Every time you apply it to a situation and that you remain calm to the process, you see efforts rewarded and you could surprise you with your own patience.
I know I tried so hard to make  a lot of things at the same time but I have never really been  happy with my results. I still did everything but nothing went as good as I originally planned or some tasks got in the way of another one and so on.
One step at the time is the way to go.
We’re all so ambitious and hurry as humans and we often block ourselves with ur own ambitions, we want to achieve to fast or too good too quickly. We need to learn patience, organization and commitment to be a successful entrepreneur.  It applies to a lot of things in life and in music too. Numbers of artists feel blocked by non-productivity and prefer to achieve badly rather than not achieving.  But we have time.
I really think it is a useful philosophy to achieve big in life and that it could really help me if I can apply it to my everyday life more often.


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