Quality over quantity ?

That is a debate that exists from centuries on multiples subjects.
I’m not going to answer the question as it is really subjective but I’ll try to list the pros and cons of Quality  versus Quantity in the music industry.


Generally speaking, quality is often corresponding to a good content. In the music industry, it can also correspond to the technical aspects of the song (bitrate, format, sample rate; etc.. ).
A lot of artists tend to spend years and years finding their own sound their own grain and what makes them themselves. They try to reach a certain quality. They are willing to put efforts into spending time for a potentially small outcome. It is almost a bet. Even thought the output is small, the content will generally seduce because of its quality as it has been elaborated for a long time.
The idea of quality is to convince someone with high expectations that you know what you  are doing. And as the industry becomes more and more competitive. Quality is a good argument to prove yourself.



Quantity corresponds to the amount of produced content. In the music industry, it relates to how often an artist/producer or label will publish or release stuff.
Some artists and especially producers are betting on quantity to generate a stream.  It can help creating a fan base by platforms like youtube or soundcloud which can notify when a product has been realeased. It can also help to show your ability of producing content in a small amout of time. It also gives the public a broader vision of what you’re capable of.
But at the same time, you would need to sacrifice some of your QUALITY to be able to produce more. and that’s where the debate comes from.

I know it is pretty evident but a lot of people seem worried by choosing one or the other. Maybe this could help one day 🙂


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