I’m posting this blog late as I suffered from an evident lack of inspiration last week. But here I come this week with a lot of stuff in mind ! yeahhh 😀

So we’ve been finishing the post post-production “elective” unit  in class. It has been great fun and a useful class as some of the students in the class are now really considering a career in this sector of the industry. It is interesting to see that sound can be applied in a different environment than music and I guess some students never figured it out by themselves. I’ve been introduced to sound for the image as soon as I started producing my own videos maybe 2 years ago. It always has been a lot of fun as it disconnects me from the “recurrent tasks” of an audio engineer.
I understand post production has a great future and it can sound more attractive sometimes as more casuals jobs are available within the industry . It is also a well-funded sector with plenty of investors willing to spend their money on quality.

It has been described to us as a great opportunity for engineers  and it really is. But not much more than any other sector in the “sound industry” in my opinion. I really think toady’s engineers have to be polyvalent and innovative. Developing in each sector could give you a better understanding of what’s needed and what is going on at the moment in terms of employement, payment, etc..
A broader knowledge will grant you a broader vision and that’s why we have to train in every discipline to reach our craziest goals.


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