In today’s blog I’ll be discussing about music producers.
In the world where the emergence of bed room producers and multi skilled artist cannot be contested, I feel like it was important to share my thoughts about what is happening at the moment.

As an artist myself, it is my role to reflect on the industry. As an Engineer, it is also my role to be aware of what is going on and what techniques are predominant into production.

Drum Based gender are definitely taking over the industry. Hip Hop and EDM had never been as big as it is now. Even though, we tend to hear more and more of these compressed Kicks and Snares, there is often no drummer engaged in the production process. It is relevant of the ‘individualisation’ of the music business.

Sampling is the way to go now and Sound design is running in parallel with it. The grammy awarded producers Boi-1da and SoundOracle understood that really well. Their ‘sounds’ had been made famous by artists such as Drake or Jay Z. But they don’t get as much ‘reward’ from it. They’re recognised by the  music industry but not  by a majority of the audience itself. And even thought they are not famous, they sound marked (if not RULED) and will mark  the industry for the previous and next years to come.

Their ‘smart’ move was to produce ‘Sound Packs’ / ‘Sample Packs’.
By giving the opportunity to their audience to use grammy award rewarded samples in full quality, they expended their imprint by expanding their signatures sounds throughout a  tremendously increasing number of artists.

To conclude n my opinion, producers don’t have to look for fame in an Industry where the competition is growing too fast to keep up. They have to soak into people’s habits by putting their signatures into multiple and diverse productions.


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