AUS 220: Week 2

First of all this week I’d like to share the fact that my teacher actually played some Vic Mensa on the class speakers and projector in class. It is really curious because he is the kind of artist I get my influence from (not from all the songs all the time, I pay al lot of attention to what is said in interviews etc.). Kendrick Lamar, is a good  example as well. These types of artists put you to the edge of your conscience by spreading different messages than most popular music do. And this, even though they are part of this industry in a way.
It almost feels like an emancipation of contracted artist by using industry likes codes to match their distributor’s goals but implementing at the same time new messages/more likely engaged.

Hip Hop always as been a mean of communication and revolution, but modern industry killed this message of permanent ‘lutte’ against some aspects of our societies by using  “Hip Hop” codes into softer songs.

I feel like it is going to be hard to spread a message and change mentalities by using “old school” codes or a permanently  revolted attitude. It may attract the passionate fans, but won’t attract any record deal’s or general audience’s attention.

In a word where human values seems to collapse with the ruins of its past, I feel like this kind of artist is essential to remember people sometimes about different situations…

But well, there’s is a lot goig on after all.


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