And a new trimester starts on this month of September 2016.I’m glad to be back to school for some new challenges!

This unit will focus on Live Sound and Post Production. We’ll try to meet the assignments requirements by achieving  a 20 minutes podcast and sound for movies.

I’m pretty excited about all this. First of all, I listen to a lot of french podcasts and I think I totally understand the concept of it. Even though we’ve been described certain “rules” about it should be done, there is plenty of ways to  approach plenty of subjects. I like this kind of freedom.

Secondly, I’m a huge fan of the filming industry. Even thought the audio part can be sometimes long and boring. The video part is something that I would qualify “intense”. There are so many emotions going on throughout an image and as an artist, I’m trying to spread messages, emotions… I feel like the more I learn about film and it’s industry, the more I’d be able to diffuse my thoughts properly and efficiently.

Finally, I’ve worked In live sound before and I can’t wait to join back this fast paced and hard working part of the industry. Live sound can be as  magic as horrific  that’s why I feel it’s important for us to focus on it.

Even though I’m super excited I still think that this unit is gonna be extremely challenging and will ask us to put a lot of effort into it to achieve great work.


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