We’ve been asked to team up with some classmate to realise an assignment.  We’re supposed to “mimic” a Jingle company by creating an online portal to some of our realisation. We’ve also been asked individually to realize 5 minutes of sound for ads, trailers, or any video format. It will help us show the ability of the company members to already create some quality content for potential clients.

I’ve been teamed up with Lee and Oliver for this assignment.

The first step was to create the trello page which is a discussion area for my team. We’re able to create some tasks and update them online. Trello is a good tool as it gives you instantaneous and organized access to information.

We’ve been given 5 weeks to complete this assignment and I’m going to outline my plan.
My first step was to choose videos that I could implement with sound. I decided to go for a 3:30 Mercedes Benz commercial and for a 3:30 Video Game trailer. I decided to get a long video as I would need to focus on this one to almost complete the assignment.

The second step was to find eventual sounds that is matching the videos and also being free of use. I decided to get a lot of different engine sounds for the car commercial and an Industrial sound package for the video game one as it had  some machinery feel.

I finally found the car commercial more suited for my needs as it lasts almost 4minutes and that the video already seemed to have it’s own ambiance so I could build my sound around what I see.

I’ll still probably need to provide another short 30 sec video for the sake of the assignment but I’ll find something really simple and professional to show future companies the differents services we can provide.

The videos need to be handled by Tuesday 23rd August and might be exposed at the Friday night’s exibithion.



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