As I discussed earlier in my blogging topics; sampling is nowadays huge and especially in electronic and hip hop music. Event thought this two gender are really similar we still distinguish them all the time. I’m going to discuss the differences between EMP sampling and HIP HOP sampling.

SO FIRST AND FOREMOST, there’s no actual difference. A sample will always be a sample and sampling will always be sampling. So why do we still differentiate them ? Well, because they sound different. So let’s discuss on what make them sound different.

One important point would be the gear first. Loads of hip hop records were inspired by some AKAI gear features and especially the MPC (not always true). Whereas electronic music tended to use more of Roland TR instruments or some other drum machines. Each individual machine has its own sound and that can be part of the differentiation between these two genders.

Electronic music would tend to blur to original sample source into an indistinguishable sound and modulate it thought the time to make it very unique. For example, a lot of electronic music back in the days used granular synthesis which is kind of base on sampling principles.

I also think electronic music artists tended to see into sampling a musical way to reach for futuristic ideas and feelings. We find a lot of sound design back in the days with exaggerated use of modulation of effects units.

In the other hand, hip hop maybe aimed for a more realistic feel; almost having session musicians playing on the record, lot of grooves were cut directly from vinyl into the drum machine to give this “human feel” to the track. Big sampling artist as Jay Dilla were also known as Crate diggers always looking for new  original samples to use on their next record. A lot of them were African-American and African culture probably travelled more through music  back in the days than by plane or boat.

We also find the idea of “version” from dub music in hip hop music. Lot of hip hop records used the exact musical arrangement from the first 8 bars of a song and then just mixed their drumming rhythm over the top of it and adjusting some of the track levels.
Once again ; it gives hip hop music the impression to be actual records played by actual humans.

Here an example of what could be sampled back in the days:

Here’s what hip hop did :


Here’s what Electronic music did :


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