This trimester in class, we have the opportunity to implement some of our personal work to our school assignments. It is a great opportunity for me to show what I’m capable of and that I ‘m actually doing things outside of the course ! Before leaving New Caledonia, I had the opportunity to record “Chavi” one the most famous New Caledonian artist. He decided to work with Koyo which is definitely the most famous New Caledonian artist in terms of numbers of views on music platforms. So first and foremost it was really an honour to be chosen by these two guys to handle mixing of their common project.
I knew even thought New Cal music scene is quite small it opens me doors in the industry for the future. We spent a week recording 6 demos and trying to arrange the mood of the EP. We finally only kept 5 of them and decided to compile it as the EP project. We chose one song to represent the album, i did a rough mix of it and we decided to shoot a video to promote the rest of the content.

So I basically left New Caledonia with a bunch of recordings and some video rushes but nothing finished. So I’ve spent the last weeks mixing and editing the footage for the promotion of the EP.

I’ve mixed all the songs in Ableton (which I normally don’t) because Koyo gave me access to his Ableton sessions so I could decide directly on the spot whether some elements should cut through or not.

Then once I had my five final mixes, I’ve sent the tracks back to a New Caledonian “mastering engineer” while I could finish the video content for the project.
In the end, I’ve received final masters last week and the EP is now avaible(was from the August 2nd on online platforms).
We’ve agreed on a percentage split on copyright and I was paid cash in hand for the video clip. I can’t provide the copyright documentation yet though cause some of it is still processed by the administration but we had the guarantee that everything is protected and declared.

All content was published by the label itself  using Zimbalam, an online music distributor which helps you retrieve royalties online.  You can find the finished product on any platform.

Here is the video content link :

Here is  the EP streaming link :




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