The last weeks in class, we covered Electronic Music Production. We went through it’s history, it’s technology and it’s techniques. We’ve been asked to apply theses techniques and knowledge into a remix exercise. One nonelectronic song had to be remixed into a piece of electronic music within certain criteria.

Jake Holmes, a member of the Merri Creek Pickers nicely agreed on passing me some stems so I could work on something.

So I had to transform a piece of country music into I don’t know what.

First, I wasn,’t decided with the tempo neither the gender of my remix. My best option was to warp some audio takes to match the grid and work on a more stable basis (as Merri Creek Pickers do not use a click track as a choice.). I’ve warped most of the intro part for the banjo, guitar and mandolin takes. Then I’ve warped a few bars of the first “verse” part of the song for the same instruments.
I’ve ended up with a kind of harmonized melody between banjo, mandolin and guitar. It all sounded pretty messy but still musically interesting.

My next goal was to find the tempo, easy thing with a DAW, play the loop and twist the tempo as you like. I’ve first intended something fast paced like 145bpm but ended up to slow it down later around 130bpm.

Here I start again with some nicely and  rhythmically aligned melodies played at a tempo I like. Still have no clue what style I should remix it to !

To resolve that, I’ve decided to play a few drum loops of different gender against my loops and decided where I wanted to go. The final choice could be described as a kind of Hip-hop-ish-dubstep-i–dont-know-what-gender track. We can definitely  distinguish modern elements such as heavy synths and 808s married with a classic groove that gets sometimes messed by the hi hats.

I’ve then converted the audio melodies into midi using the warping I did earlier.
I’ve created an EP sound and decided it was going to be my intro for the remix.

To finish, I’ve just built my track around the MIDI elements I’ve extracted from the original session recording and added some variations to drums and instruments patterns.

I’ve matched all the criteria even though we can’t see on the session I’ve committed some warped loops to an MPC Swing tempo. Once it’s committed, it doesn’t appear on the groove window.
Synthesis wise, operator and analog were used and designed without any plugin help.
Some tracks are not intro “freeze” mode because of my glue compressor routing. I’ve decided to bounce the audio aside it so the lecturers can have a look at the session with no access issues.
I’ve created a few drum racks, used multiple examples of MIDI effects, set up a sampler and already mentioned to others.
Here’s the Original track;

Here’s the final edit ;




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