In the Audio Unit, we’ve been asked to remix a classmate’s song.
This is my plan for it.

First thing was to choose what song were we going to remix. I didn’t really know what gender or styles each student in my class was doing so I kinda randomly chose according to who seemed the most inclined to share his work. My final choice was a pretty rhythmic country song by Jake’s old band the “Merri Creek Pickers”.

I usually do hip hop but the goal of the remix is to get out of our comfort zone and experiment a bit. Because the song already has kind of a rhythmic feel to it I’m planning something electronic based on the kick pattern such as techno or electro. I’m going to try sampling the main melodic and harmonic patterns over the top of a locked groove rhythm.

Then I’ll try to add the atmos of the track recomposing the chord progression using pads and other atmospheric instruments. I may try to incorporate melodic lines of my own but I don’t know heaps on music theory so we’ll see how it is going.

I think the first step will be to find the tempo and then work the sample from it. All recording is acoustic so I won’t be able to try recreate elements of the recording but I’ll find my way around with sampling and modulation.  I’m maybe going to achieve a “fast-paced” version of “The Avener” kind of music who uses a lot of digital samples of the guitar next to electronic beats.



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