This week in class we discussed  Inclusive Design with Tim (our teacher). The idea of Inclusive design is about how to get the most out of a situation, and in this particular case, getting the most audience out of a piece of art. Either it is music, image, moving or not, commercialised arts have been thought and designed in some way to include more people to reach its maximised audience.

We discussed different techniques of including new “interest” in our work.

The first example, in my opinion, is co-working . It is simple to imagine that you always get more attention out of two people ideas; every person thinks differently and joining efforts can imply more ideas in the process so probably more people will be affected by the product. In the other hand, it can be tricky to FOCUS where you aiming your product if you mix too many ideas.

The best way to know where to aim is to first categorize the audience in different sectors of potential interest. We divide the population by age, gender, political or sexual orientations, ethnic community etc….
It is easy to say that major rap labels in France will aim a rather young population with African origins and generally a Muslim orientation by proposing artists that look likes and revendicates same way the potential audience would do.

Once you fixed the audience objective, it is easier to know where you wanna go and who you want to include in your project. There are numbers and numbers of statistics you can use to verify your information and your thoughts on how well the product will hit the targeted audience.

I think the key to success in Inclusive Design is to know your limits and to know when to stop or when to hail at a collaborator to make your project as FOCUSED as possible.


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