From Picasso to Kanye West, big “artists” made big money throught the years. It inspires numbers of young people to join the industry and to take their chances in the big “creative” industry. Note the brackets, some terms are unclear here. “Artists” are basically people making “Art”, so what is Art ? When is  a creation “artistic” enough to be recognized as “Art” ?  The anwser seems to belong in between big medias hands and stupid teenagers will most of the time but in reality it is really subjective to individuals.
I always think of cuisine as an art and people loving or hating X or Y dish. All willing to pay more or less money according to the place they’re eating at and the quality of the service.
You quickly get the metaphor with any creative industry here 🙂

So how could I earn my money nowaday ?

First thing is I could be an employee; as the lectures shows, creative industry is getting bigger and bigger and some big names has emermeg trhought the years. Companies like Pixar or Disney are making billions yearly and are still expanding. Working for their industry guaranty a salary and possible raises according to possible promotions inside the company. It’s a safe solution but it can be really hard to join these industries such as your favorite studios because the competitions is insaneeeeee.

You can also be self employed, and maybe become the next self made millionaire in the world. But self employement is risky, you genreally don’t access the same privileges as employees for example. You got to carry yourself and your projects along the road and try to sell them to the best potential client when a job is finish. You got to make loyal a bunch of customers and develop your contacts within the industry. It generally uses word of mouth to progressively grow bigger and bigger and get where you want at the end. But once again, this is risky, time consumming and still competitive.

The last thing is that our skills can be applied cross industries more and more often. It opens us new possibilities and especially regarding free lancing in my opinion. I’d be able to make a soundtrack for a game for example and at the same time working on a podcast for a sports company.
In my opinion, the way is going to be long and full of meetings with people, hopefully I’ll meet the bests 🙂



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