Even thought I’m still a student, my goal really is to be part of the crative industry in the next years. Industry often rhymes with getting a job and getting a job often pass throught the interview stage. Thats what we are going to discuss about this week.

We’ve almost all been on an interview; generally your potential employer sitting in front of you and asking you basic questions about your skills and assets. We can all think that this one on one ITW is focused towards us… but it’s not. In fact an interview should reflect whether or not you/your personnality fit the company and/or the industry. They sometimes ask personnal questions but it’s aiming towards your potential role in the company rather than minors details about what you like or don’t like.
You have to answer smartly and only deliver informations that makes you look/sound great.
Sometimes, interviewers in the creative industry tends to be tricky, such as google, microsoft, Pixar, etc… they want the best creative thinkers and outside the box candidates.. to do so.. their questions reflect their intentions. BE PREPARED TO ANSWER TRICKY QUESTIONS; they can be about former projects or about your ambitions. They can for example ask you really detailled things about your work but then really vague questions about your personnality. It will lead them to establish a profile of your skills and about your way of processing informations. If it fits their criterias than you have huge chances to be engaged as an employee.

I think the key in an iterview is first and foresmost preparation, learn about the company you visiting, be curious, ask questions and don’t under estimate your self; you’re here to show what you capable of and not what you can not do.  If you how interest to them, they should show interest for you! One last thing in my opinion is to always be yourself and it will eventually lead you where you belong 🙂


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