Copyright is a way for artist to protect and claim their rights on their creations and ideas.
Altouhght it is a really vague domain, big points has been established and everyone should know about it !

“Hmm, let’s use this cool song I’ve heard the other day on my Youtube Biking video ! Sounds like a good idea”
ACTUALLY, this is where copyright gets our attention : for any public use of a copyrighted piece of music you could be purchased in justice for mis-use of somebody else’s intellectual/creative content.  You got to be aware of what you publish because you could be facing huge fines or you would have to delete all the videos that you did and waste all the time you already spent editing and creating your content. To make sure you’re acting legally regarding copyrights, contact the office which take care of copyrights in this part of the word (ex: Sasem in France, Apra Amcos in Australia, etc…) and DECLARE your intentions of using a copyighted product. Only them can accept or refuse you the right to use a copyrighted content.

In the other hand, if you’re an artist, make sure you declare all your work to the copyright society. It will allow you to get money out of your copyrights and at the same time protect your work from people with “bad” intentions. At the same time, it permits your content to be archieved somewhere and even you forget about it the product won’t be lost.

Finally, my opinion on the subject is that copyright seems way to complicated when you look closely to the administrations details. Authors societies are the link between the artists and the client and I think it sometimes makes it more difficult to work out . We need to find the right balance between protection and limitation.


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