This week’s blog is a research on a Electronic Music artist that inspire me.
I don’t really know the exact limit between electronic music and “real” music but I’ve decided to name “Electronic music” whatever song which uses synthetisers, samples and effect processing in order to create a musical piece. In other words, the “real music” got to be recorded from real instruments played by real musicians and not programmed in any kind of software. Note that you can process a recorded sound to make it a whole new sound that we can qualifiy “electronic”.

I decided to talk about Coubo which  is a Russian artist.
Coubo produces his music electronically and I’ve discover his music on MelodySoul label via SoundCloud. He’s got his own SoundCloud page where you can discover his music.

I would defined Coubo sound as futuristic and soulfull. I often look for artists that are using soulfull chord progressions to lead to musical content throught the song. He’s generally using pads or electric pianos to set the mood of the song first. Then he likes to use sampled drums that are generally saturated and bit crushed. It helps to reproduce a kind of Hip Hop/Funky feel to the track. The drums are often swingy and sometimes off the grid for exeperimental feels. Bass is the masterpiece of each/most of his tracks; it’s generally fat and saturated but sometimes he’s also using that famous SubBass/808s technique to sound a bit more modern I guess. Like in a lot of nowadays electronic music,  lot of the sounds are sidechained to other elements of the tracks to create movement. The overall aspect of the tracks is then accompanied by modulated and pitch bended melodies genreally high pitched and blended in delays/reverbs/echoes. Some chorals, strings, or supplementary pads are then added to polish the finale texture of the track.

As I said, he often goes into these futuristic kind of experiments but sometimes also come back to more classic and old shcool vibes that makes him a great artist in my opinon.
It’s really hard for me to only talk about one artist in this gender because there is a lot and they are all equally talented, each with is own vibe.

Have a listen to Coubo and chill along the rythm 🙂


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