So after the drums were recorded; I decided to take the drum editing under my responsability. I know that editing is one of the most hated task in the recording industry as it’s time consumming and repetitive. But whatever, we got to do what we got to do.

So I’ve started to comp the different takes we had according to the producers note.
(Note that the notes were really “minimalist” ) So I also had to give it a few listen before commiting the takes to one single playlist. I focused a maximum on the kick and the snare. Once I’ve comped all my best takes in a playlist; I decided to render it as a single file on a duplicate playlist of it. I have then access to my original takes, my comped takes, and my rendered takes.

I’ve then listened for the wrong drum notes (especially doubles) and adjusted few of the volumes on obvious hits as I didn’t wan’t to mess a lot woth the original sound of the recording. I’ve also rendered the edited file as a new duplicate file.

Then comes the timing edits. Hopefully Beat Detective is really efficient at what it does. I’ve watched a few tutorials on YouTube to make sure to use the plugin properly.
I’ve worked by sections of 2 to 8 bars on 1/8th and 16th notes.
I’ve mapped my drums only according to the kick and snare transtients and then separated the whole drums as one to keep the phase. The edits happened with a 15ms trigger pad.
I’ve then conformed my edits to a 1/16th note grid with a 94 % strenght and 7 % exclude within.
Last step was to fill the gaps and go on the next bars.

Once all the bars were conformed to the grid and all gaps were filled, I’ve smoothed the whole drum tracks with a 15 ms crossfade between edits.

When I listen back to my work I feel like some of the fills could be a bit more in time but we’ve already got enough content to work with for the next recording sessions.



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